Look: Formula 1 Driver Had Scary Accident At Monaco Today

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is underway in Formula 1, and the street course is once again proving to be a challenge for some of the world's best drivers. 

The narrow twists and turns of the Circuit de Monaco are even more difficult to tangle with in recent years as Formula 1 cars have only increased in size and width. 

Unfortunately, one driver was involved in a frightening accident during today's first practice session. 

Williams driver Alex Albon hit a barrier near the end of FP1 on Friday, bringing out a red flag and eventually ending the session. 

Thankfully, Albon would let his team know that he was okay through radio communication, but it's still a scary sight to see for any driver. 

Albon appeared to lose grip in his rear tires as he went around a corner, sending the car sideways into a nearby barrier. 

The impact of the accident was severe, causing the car's front left wheel to be completely destroyed.