New Evidence Contradicts Jets, Patriots NFL Draft Narrative

For over a month there's been a debate over whether New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick deliberately traded back with 

the Pittsburgh Steelers in order to deprive the New York Jets of offensive tackle Broderick Jones during the 2023 NFL Draft. But new evidence contradicts that. 

In the latest episode of One Jets Drive, cameras took us inside the Jets' War Room during the first round of the draft.  

At one point, Jets general manager Joe Douglas can be heard telling his staff that his draft board has Iowa State defensive end Will McDonald IV first, 

Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer second and Georgia's Broderick Jones third between the three of them. 

Douglas then anticipates that someone will trade in front of the Jets - who had the 15th overall pick at the time - to take Jones 14th overall. 

He laughs as he surmises that the Patriots will be the one to make the trade and that Pittsburgh will be the team to trade up. 

When the fateful trade finally happens, Douglas and the rest of the Jets war room is all smiles.