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Fish Farming Loan Scheme 2024: Fish farming scheme business can be very profitable in India. Because about 60% of the population in India likes to eat fish. Fish Farming Loan Scheme Business is known as Fish Farming in English.

Today, the increase in food production is out of proportion to the increase in population. Due to shortage of milk and ghee, the usefulness of fish in our diet has increased. This has been confirmed by modern research. Eating fish can significantly reduce heart disease compared to other types of non-vegetarian foods. Because it can reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

Fish contains 14% to 25% protein. In addition, fish also contains carbohydrates, minerals, salt, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements.

Due to all these features any citizen can get good profit by doing fish farming business in India. Today in this article we will tell you what is Fish Farming Loan Scheme? How to apply for Fisheries Loan Scheme? Going to tell about it.

What is Fish Farming Loan Scheme?

Before getting information about fish farming loan scheme, it is very important to know this. What is fish farming scheme? How can you avail the benefits of Fish Farming Loan Scheme? If you want to start fish farming business under Fish Farming Loan Scheme. But due to lack of money you are not able to start your business. So the government is helping you for this. The government helps you to start fish farming business by giving loan.

Objective of Fish Farming Loan Scheme

The Main objectives of Starting fish Farming Scheme in India Are as follows:

  1. The Main objective of launching the Fisheries Loan Scheme by the Government of India is to reduce unemployment.
  2. The government will provide training to those people who want to start fish farming loan scheme.
  3. By Giving Training to these people, it will help them in starting the fish farming business by getting them a pond on lease from the Gram Panchayat or by building a pond on their own unused private land.

Fish Farming by Taking Panchayat Ponds on Lease

Under Machli Palan Loan Scheme, rural ponds are given on lease by the Gram Panchayat to the village fish farmers for 5 to 10 years. After this, fish farming is done in these ponds. Under the Fisheries Loan Scheme, the government provides grants to people doing fish farming. Under this scheme, the grants given to fish farmers for fish farming are as follows:

Grant Received for Pond Improvement –

Assistance is provided for improving the ponds given on lease for fish farming. In this, the government helps in increasing the depth of the pond, building dams, repairing these lets and outlets etc. To repair all these works by the government, loan is provided by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Village Industries Employment Loan Scheme Bank. And the government provides a subsidy of up to 20% on this loan.

Grant for Food Supplements And Seed Material –

Under the Fisheries Loan Scheme, the government also provides financial assistance to fish farmers to purchase fish feed and fish seeds. To carry out these works, the government helps the beneficiary to take a loan of Rs 30 thousand from the bank. The government gives a subsidy of 20% on this loan.

Machli Palan Loan Yojana Eligibility

  • You do not need any special eligibility to take fish farming loan under Machli Palan Loan Yojana or to start fish farming business.
  • You do not need any special educational qualification to avail the benefits of Machli Palan Loan Yojana.
  • Before starting fish farming business, it is necessary for you to take training in fish farming from the Fisheries Department.
  • For this, the Fisheries Department also gives you training allowance of Rs 100 per day during training.

Documents Required For Fish Farming Loan Scheme

Documents required to start Machli Palan Loan Yojana business are as follows:

  • Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Two passport size photos
  • Training Certificate
  • The applicant must give an affidavit that he is unemployed
  • To build a pond on the land, copy it and collect it.
  • Agreement between fish farmers and fish farmers development agency

If you have taken your pond on lease, then the documents required for fish farming loan scheme.

  • Agreement between the fish farmer and the Gram Panchayat
  • pond copy jamabandi and haq sijra
  • Patta/lease money receipt
  • Duplicate proposal regarding leasing of Gram Panchayat pond
  • Fish Farming Training Certificate
  • Affidavit

How to apply for Fisheries Loan Scheme?

If you want to take advantage of fish farming loan scheme. And want to start your own fish farming business. So for this you can apply in the Fisheries Department.

The process to apply is explained below:

  • To take a loan for fish farming, first of all you should contact the fisheries department of your area.
  • From there you should get all types of information.
  • In the department you will also be told about various schemes run by the government.
  • In which you can apply under the schemes running in your state.
  • Apart from this, you can approach any bank for loan.
  • If you want to apply under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Yojana, then for this you will be given an application form by the bank.
  • After filling this, the process for loan will be started.

New pond construction scheme on own private land

If you have your own private land (your own land). And you want to start fish farming loan scheme. Still you can get loan under this scheme. For this, the government provides you the following types of assistance and subsidy:

Assistance subsidy for digging of pond

The government provides assistance in obtaining bank loan at the rate of Rs 2 lakh per hectare for digging a pond on one’s own private land. Besides, 20% subsidy is also provided by the government on this loan.

Subsidy assistance for purchasing food supplements and seeds etc.

The government also provides assistance in arranging fish seeds and food supplements to start pond fish farming loan scheme. For these works the government provides you a bank loan of Rs 30 thousand. Besides, 20% subsidy is also given by the government.

Subsidy for construction of fish seed hatchery

The Government also provides assistance for fish farming on own land and construction of selected fish seed hatcheries. For this, the government provides bank loan facility up to ₹ 800000. It also gives a subsidy of 10%.

Subsidy Assistance for Integrated Fish Farming

Along with the Fish Farming Loan Scheme, if you want to do dairy, pig farming or fish farming business. So the government helps you for this also. For this the government provides a loan of Rs 80 thousand. Also, 20% subsidy is given by the government.

Subsidy assistance for installation of aerator

For more production in fish farming loan scheme, there is a need to install aerator in it. The government also provides assistance for installing aerators in the pond. For this work, the government helps in taking a bank loan of Rs 50 thousand. Also, 20% subsidy is given by the government.

Machli Palan Loan Scheme – Conclusion

In today’s article, we have given you complete information about Fish Farming Loan Scheme 2023. By availing the benefit of this scheme you can start fish farming scheme business.

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FAQ Related to Fish Farming Loan Scheme.

What is Fish Farming Loan Scheme?

Fish Farming Loan Scheme is a government scheme organized by the Central Government to provide loans to poor class people to start fish farming business.

What is the objective of Starting Fish Farming Loan Scheme?

The main objective of Fisheries Loan Scheme is to provide employment to unemployed people.

How to Apply For Fish Farming Loan Scheme?

To apply for fish farming loan scheme, you will first have to go to any bank. And he can go and apply for this scheme.

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