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Hamraaz is specially designed for serving soldiers of the Indian Army by the technical team of the soldiers of the army (Adjutant Generals Branch (MP-8)) for their service communication. And provides salary related information on their mobile phones. This portal cannot be used for common citizens.

The primary objective of the military is to defend the country from threats both inside and outside the country’s borders. They maintain India’s peace and border security. The management of the forces and the payment of salaries according to various ranks are controlled by the Ministry of Defense and the Indian central government. Monthly pay and allowances payable to military members are credited to their accounts. With the help of this portal, you can also do things like Hamraaz Payslip Personal Login, Hamraaz sign up etc.

Brief Description of Hamraaz

Name of PortalHamraaz Portal
Category Government Scheme
ObjectiveProviding a variety of facilities to military personnel
has been developedby the technical team of the Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8)
the usersoldiers of india
Official Websitehamraazmp8.gov.in

Purpose of Hamraaz Web

A platform named Hamraazmp8 has been created for the soldiers of the Indian Army. The objective of this platform is to provide information to the soldiers of the army regarding their recruitment, advancement and even pay. Both the website and the application are available at hamraazmp8.gov.in. This app is not available on any web store, it can only be downloaded from the main website of Hamraazmp8.gov.in.

Using Hamraaz Web you have to register one to get login credentials, and in this way you can download Indian Army Payslip through Hamraaz app and website, or login and view Hamraaz payslip. Apart from this, if you want, you can also visit the Armaan portal developed by the Indian Army.

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How to download Hamraaz App?

HAMRAAZ mobile app has been discontinued from 31st March 2023. Users are advised not to download HAMRAAZ app from any fake/malicious site or Google Play Store, and not to share Aadhaar, PAN, bank account details on any fake/malicious app.

How to download Hamraaz July 2023 Payslip?

If you want to download hamraaz payslip for the month of March from Hamraaz, you can follow the following steps-


After this, you have to choose the month whose payslip you want to download, and then click on the submit button.


Now your hamraaz payslip will be downloaded in PDF format, to see which you will have to enter your payslip password. Apart from this, here you will also see the option of Form 16, to download Hamraaz Form 16, select the relevant year and click on the option of Download Form- 16 next to it.

Hamraaz Payslip Password is the first 4 characters of your PAN card, and then your date of enrollment in DDMMYY format. For example, suppose my PAN card number is KJSYD4376F, and my date of enrollment is 22/10/2021, then my payslip password will be – KJSY22102021.

In this way, you can download Indian Army payslip of any month from Hamraaz, or you can see Hamraaz payslip by login.

How to Sign UP on Hamraaz Web Portal?

  • First of all visit the official website hamraazmp8.gov.in, there click on Hamraaz Sign up option in the menu bar.
  • After this, a box will open in front of you, where you will be asked for your PAN card details, fill it and submit it.
  • After this a new page will open where you will be asked for your regiment number and other things. With their help, you can create your username and password.

In this way you can signup in Hamraaz, and after that you can login Hamraaz.

How to login Hamraaz?

Hamraaz Login can be done in two ways, the first is Hamraaz Personal Login and the second is Hamraaz Admin Login.

  • First of all visit Hamraaz Web or App there click on Hamraaz Login option in menu bar.
  • If you are a soldier then click on Personal Login and if you are an Admin then click on Admin Login.
  • After this a box will open in front of you in which you can login hamraaz personal with the help of your username and password.

Also if you have forgotten Hamraaz Password, you can reset it by clicking on “Forget Password” option in the menu bar.


Details on Hamraaz PaySlip

Whenever a soldier downloads his payslip with the help of Bhai Hamraaz Web, he gets information about many deductions and allowances. And at the bottom the total deduction and Ammount To Bank information is given. Many types of allowances are also provided to Indian soldiers, information about all of them is present on the payslip of the soldiers. But some of the important allowances are as follows-

Apart from this, apart from these allowances, Indian Army soldiers are also provided with many other facilities like – medical facility, travel facility, canteen / ration facility. You can read the Indian Army SALARY article for its complete information.

Hopefully, the Sainik brothers would have liked this information related to Hamraaz Portal given by us. If you have any question related to this then do ask us in the comment box below.

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Some important questions related to Hamraaz Portal

What are Hamraaz?

Hamraaz is a web portal designed for the soldiers of the Indian Army, with the help of which army soldiers can download all their department related work like salary slip etc.

Who can use Hamraaz?

Only army personnel can use it. It is not available to ordinary citizens.

Hamraaz Login / How to register?

You can login and register very easily by visiting the Hamraaz web portal.

How to View PaySlip in Hamraaz Web?

To view PaySlip in Hamraaz web first you need to login to Hamraaz web portal, then click on PaySlip option in menu bar, and select your month and year and you can view your Hamraaz Payslip.

What is Hamraaz Army Payslip Password?

Hamraaz Army Payslip Password is the first 4 characters of your PAN and your Enrolmemt date.

What is the official Website of Hamraaz Portal?

The official website of Hamraaz Army Portal is – https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/.

What is the Password for Payslip in Maraj App?

Pay-slip password in Hamraj App is the first 4 characters of your PAN card, and your Date Of Enrollment in DDMMYY format. Suppose your PAN card number is – JGDLS6137R, and your date of joining army is 22/04/2012, then your Hamraaz Payslip Password will be JGDL22042012.

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