Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024: How to Check UP Khasra / Khatauni Copy

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Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024 -How to Check UP Khasra / Khatauni Copy: Bhulekh UP is an online portal launched by the Uttar Pradesh Government to digitize Uttar Pradesh land records and make them available to common citizens through a web portal. With its help, common citizens of Uttar Pradesh can view their land records online from their mobile phones while sitting at home. Along with this, if you want, you can also get information about Bhu Naksha UP – Uttar Pradesh.

Also, through this article today you will also be able to get information about how to withdraw UP Khasra – Khatoni Online. The citizens of the state have greatly benefited from the launch of Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Portal. Now citizens of Uttar Pradesh can see the map/Bhulekh Naksha and Bhulekh of their land sitting at home. And for this they will not need to go to any government office.

Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024: Overview

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BeneficiaryAll citizens of Uttar Pradesh state
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Objective of Bhulekh UP

The word Bhulekh is made up of two words, first “Bhu” and second “Lekh” in which “Bhu” means land, and “Lekh” means record. Thus, Bhulekh UP means record of land in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is a very big state and its population is also very high. With the help of Bhulekh UP, people do not have to visit the nearest tehsil or accountant. This also saves time and the work related to viewing their land records and Bhulekh Naksha UP etc. gets done quickly. With the help of this portal, there is transparency in the government functioning due to which corruption has also reduced, and people are watching Khasra Khatauni online sitting at home. Along with this, you can visit our blog section to know “How to see Tehsil Bhulekh Khatauni copy online”.

Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024

Before the introduction of Bhulekh UP Map, all the work related to land records like Khatauni, Khasra etc. were recorded manually on papers. But now the UP government has computerized all the land record activities in the state. Now the information about Khatauni and other lands remains recorded on this portal for life. This computerized system is very systematic and transparent as compared to the previous system.

Land services available on UP Bhulekh portal

Following is the list of land services available on Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal-

  • View copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights)
  • Know the code of revenue village Khatauni
  • Know the unique code of the plot/gate
  • Know the status of land/land being subject to litigation
  • Know the status of sale of plot/gate
  • View copy of Khatauni share determination
  • revenue village public property
  • vacated property
  • enemy property
  • royal palace
  • UP Bhulekh Contact Details

Which Land Records Are Available on UP Bhulekh Portal?

Bhulekh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh records database contains details of all registered land holdings as per Khasra and Account number along with land ownership details, their information is given below-

  • account holder name
  • Number of account holders
  • size of land
  • Khasra number and account number details
  • History of transactions made against property, including mortgages, third party claims, etc.
  • Vacant property etc.

Features of Bhulekh UP Online Portal

Following are some of the key features of Bhulekh UP Online portal-

  • On Bhulekh UP portal, any user can easily get the desired information in just a few clicks. Direct links are available on this portal for individual land related services. Apart from this, here you will also get direct links for registry office, revenue board, disaster management and other works.
  • Apart from this, all the information available on Bhulekh UP online portal has been categorized. This allows users to avail the service based on their preferences.
  • Also, Bhu Lekh UP portal has been made user friendly by the government, and it works well in every device.
  • All the online services like complaint registration, stamp and registry, e-District, and many more are available on Bhulekh UP portal(up bhulekh gov in) which further makes the user’s tasks easier.

What are the Benefits of UP Bhulekh Portal?

  • Bhulekh UP Portal helps the citizens of Uttar Pradesh to provide all the information related to their land. By using this portal, citizens can get all the land related services sitting at home.
  • To view any land related details, citizens only need to enter the Khasra or Gata number on the portal.
  • Apart from this, due to all the land records being online, all the corruption etc. related to land has ended.
  • With the help of this portal, if you want to update any land information or add any information in the land accounts, then it is now possible sitting at home.

The UP Bhulekh online portal launched by the Uttar Pradesh government helps the common citizens of the state to access all the land records in one click from the comfort of their homes. UP Bhulekh / bhulekh uttar pradesh portal is designed to help you avoid the hassle of visiting any Tehsildar or Patwari. In such a situation, whenever any citizen of UP needs to verify his land records and see UP Bhulekh Naksha, he can take the help of these online portal

How to See Copy of Khatauni on Portal?

It is very easy to see the copy of Bhulekh Khatauni Uttar Pradesh on portal. You can see the copy of Khatauni on the screen of your device in just a few clicks, for this you have to follow the following steps-

  • First of all, Visit UP Bhulekh portal – bhulekh up nic in up which has now been Changed to
  • Click on View copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights) on UP Bhulekh homepage.
Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024
  • Now you have to submit the captcha visible on the screen. After this, to check the land records, select the district, tehsil and village name / village name / village code.
Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024
  • After this you can proceed by entering the Khasra/Gata number or account number or name of the owner (account holder). If you want to see Khasra Khatauni by name, then here you select the name of the account holder option.
  • Now to check the account number details, select the account number and click on the option ‘View Quote’ (View Account Details).
Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024
  • After this, the Khatauni with the gate number of the selected village will be visible in front of you.

By following the above steps you can see the copy of your Bhulekh Khatauni on upbhulekh gov in. Below we will tell you what things you need to check Land Record UP.

To check UP Land Record you will need the following things-

  • Name of district
  • Name of Tehsil (Tehsil Bhulekh Khatauni copy)
  • name of village
  • Khasra Number/Gata Number/Accountant Name/Transfer Date

Apart from this, if you want to see the map of your land, then you can see it with the help of Bhu Naksha UP portal. For this you have to visit UP Bhu Naksha official portal – After this, you can get information about Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh by entering District, Tehsil, Village/Gata number there.

Know the status of the plot in dispute in UP Bhulekh

Before investing in land or property in UP, you must also check whether the property is embroiled in any kind of legal or financial dispute, the process to do so on Bhu Abhilekh Uttar Pradesh is as follows-

  • To check the disputed property on Bhulekh UP, most of all visit the official website up bhulekh gov in.
  • Click on ‘Know the status of plot/gate under dispute’ present on the homepage.
Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024
  • On clicking that option a new page will open in front of you. Where you have to select the district, tehsil and village of UP.
Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh 2024
  • After selecting your district, tehsil and village, you will be redirected to a new page asking you to provide the GATA number. Enter GATA number and click on ‘Search’ option.

Now if there is any dispute going on on the Khasra number entered by you, you will get information about it. In this way you can check the disputed property on Bhulekh UP portal.

Apart from the above services, many other services are also provided on Bhulekh UP portal, detailed information about which is given in other articles above. You can get the information necessary for you by clicking on the related article.

UP Bhulekh Login Process

If you want to login to UP Bhulekh Gov in portal. So let us tell you that there are 3 types of login on this Bhulekh portal, which are as follows-

  • Real time Khatauni Login
  • Measles Login
  • Khatauni Login

You can login to UP Bhulekh portal by clicking on the respective link.

UP Bhulekh Helpline

If you have any kind of technical problem related to your land records, Khatauni etc. on the UP Bhulekh online portal or on the portal, then you can solve your problem by contacting the email or number given below.

  • Email ID:
  • Computer Cell Revenue Board Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Landline Number: +91-522-2217145
  • Mobile Number: 91-7080100588

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What is Bhulekh?

Bhulekh is a Hindi word, which is made up of two words – Bhoo (meaning land) and Lekh (record). The word Bhulekh means land details or land ownership details in India.

What is Gata number?

Gata is a term used to denote a plot of land in Indian land records. Gata number is an identification given to a plot of land by the Land Revenue Department.

How to check Bhulekh in UP?

Citizens can check Bhulekh in UP on the official portal

How Can I Watch Khatauni Online?

To view your Khatauni online, you will have to go to portal, click on the option to view copy of Khatauni and enter all the important information required. After this your letter will be displayed on your screen.

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