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5 Easy Ways Earn From Google: Internet means Google – At present Google has become the second definition of Internet. While today all the work has started happening online, there has been a lot of change in the methods of earning.

Today, through the Internet, people are earning much more than those who are employed. There are many such methods for which you do not need any special skill. You can start earning even with a little knowledge.

Google is one of the top most companies worldwide and provides jobs in almost every sector from technologies to writing. Today we will make you aware of some such methods, by adopting which you can generate good income from Google.

Out of all these methods, there are 5 methods which are most effective and easiest. We are going to explain to you about those methods in easy language. These methods are as follows –

5 Easy Ways Earn From Google:

1. YouTube Channel

YouTube is a parent company of Google, it was bought by YouTube Founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim from Google in the year 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars.

Sell your own merch

If you are an entrepreneur and also know how to make videos, then this can be a plus point for you. Its benefit will be that you can sell your product through YouTube. For this you can adopt marketing strategy related to YouTube.

You can market your product through videos and photos on YouTube. For example: Ryan Higa is a YouTube star from Hawaii.

Who took advantage of his viral comedy named Ninja Melk and launched a milk-based energy drink named Ninja Melk.

Affiliate Partner

If your YouTube audience is loyal then they will definitely pay attention to the advice given by you.

With this, YouTubers can encourage their audience to visit the brand’s online stores or specific product pages to promote their business.

Then if their audience purchases from that affiliate link then they get some percentage of that sale. In terms of setup and logistics, affiliate partnerships are similar to sponsored content deals.

2. Google WebStory

The best thing about Google Webstory is that it does not have a time limit of 24 hours like Instagram and Facebook. It also helps you reach a wide audience.

With Google Webstory you can also boost your SEO with easy indexing. Apart from this, another benefit is that you can also track the performance of your Webstories on Google Analytics.

Google Webstory is also a good source of generating revenue.

You can receive all the advertising revenue generated by hosting advertisements on WebStory. Google has also recently introduced a Programmatic Advertising Solutions through AdSense and advertising manager.

3. Blog and Website

You can write a blog related to something in which you are skilled and also have interest. To keep the audience of your blog website and to monetize the website, it is very important to have high-quality content in the blog.

Whatever you have genuine interest in and writing a blog about it will not only be fun but you can also earn money from it. We can take it as our hobby and we can easily do things related to hobby for a long time.

Not only you but many people are writing about blogs related to your area. This means that there is a lot of competition in it.

You can check the difficulty of ranking a particular keyword in Google search. Due to competition from big brands on the first search page of Google, it becomes very difficult to bring organic traffic.

Mobile Application

If you are a mobile app developer and you know how to create android applications then you can easily earn money from Google Admob.

App Advertisements

Even if you don’t know how to make an app, you can easily earn money from Google Admob by getting someone else to make an application.

In – App Purchases

They provide the ability to sell various types of virtual items directly from the app. The best free gaming apps like Clash of Clans and PUBG have enhanced the user experience by providing IAPs to their users.

Google Ads

The best types of websites for Google AdSense have high traffic numbers. The more visitors you have, the more money you will be able to make.

Blogs, free tools or calculators, news sites and online forums are all best candidates for Google AdSense.

With Google AdSense, you also have control over what type of ad formats you show on your website. Horizontal banners, in-line video ads and right-rail ads are some examples of advertisements you can show.

You can also block some specific content like ads related to religion or politics or advertisements of your competitors. If you run ads on your YouTube channel, you can also turn monetization on or off for certain videos.


Even though paid subscription business model is the most common app monetization strategy. Subscription – based mobile apps like:- Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Dropbox have gained massive popularity in recent times.

This is similar to in-app purchases, except instead of giving users the option to purchase whenever they want, this model offers ‘subscription periods’. When a user has an active subscription period he can use the premium aspects of the app.

After which he cannot use them until he updates his membership. It is fast becoming one of the top monetization options as users get the opportunity to try the application for free for a fixed period.

Apart from this, app owners pay low transaction fees to Apple and Google for long duration membership.


We have told you 5 best ways to earn money from Google in this blog. Now all you need is to adopt these methods on Google online and earn a lot of money through these.

Be it any subscription related to any app or the income coming from Google Adsense. You must start them once. Even if you do not get immediate results, you will definitely get results after some time.

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