Sonalika Electric Tractor Price in India 

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Sonalika Electric Tractor Price in India  – India’s first electric tractor has been launched. The company has kept its introductory price at Rs 5.99 lakh. The company has named it Tiger Electric. Made on the latest technology, this tractor has been designed in Europe. This is an emission free tractor, which does not make noise.

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Farmers will no longer need diesel, Sonalika electric tractor has entered, electric tractor is being seen as a big achievement for future farming. In fact, electric tractors are likely to be more successful than other electric vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buses or other commercial vehicles. It also has many important advantages like being economical, giving more power and being environment friendly.

In such a situation, it can be said that electric tractors can become a great option for future farming. At present, the price of electric tractor in the Indian market starts from Rs 5 lakh.

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Know About the Design of Electric Sonalika

Electric Tractor: The country’s leading tractor manufacturer Sonalika has launched this electric tractor. It is also available to farmers. It has been specially designed according to the needs of the farmers of Maharashtra. It has six gears at the front and two gears at the rear (6F+2R).

Its seat is also very comfortable. The front tire size is 5-12 while the rear tire is

Tire size is 8-18. It has OIB brake system, which improves the driver’s control over the vehicle. Its load lifting capacity is 500 kg. With this vehicle, farmers can do many things like ploughing, trolley, grass cutter, sprayer etc.

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Farmers considered it a comfortable tractor

Electric Tractor: No heat comes out from this tractor, hence it is considered very comfortable for the farmers. Apart from this, maintenance is also much less as compared to diesel engine because very less parts are used in it.

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Know about other electric tractors of Sonalika

Electric Tractor: Startup Celestial E-Mobility has launched the first electric tractor in India. This Hyderabad company has launched three tractors. The capacity of these three tractors is 27 horse power, 35 horse power and 55 horse power. The company claims that the cost of running these three tractors will be much lower than conventional diesel tractors. Its price is between 6 lakh to 8 lakh. These tractors have an electric circuit control unit.

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Features of Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

  • The high quality battery can be easily charged in 10 hours at a regular home charging point. The company also offers a fast charging option with which the Tiger Electric can be charged in just 4 hours.
  • It is environment friendly and economical compared to diesel and petrol engines as running costs are reduced by about 75 percent.
  • The energy-efficient, German designed Itrac motor delivers high power density and maximum torque with a top speed of 24.93 kmph and a battery backup of 8 hours.
  • The tractor is built on Sonalika’s brilliant and reliable tractor platform, making it farmer-friendly and easy-to-use with the highest performance at all times. Electric Tractor
  • Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor comes with 5000 hours/5 years warranty.
  • Tiger Electric assures better comfort for farmers as there is no heat transfer from the engine.
  • The tractor offers zero product downtime and low maintenance costs as the number of installed parts is low.

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FAQ’s Sonalika Electric Tractor Price in India 

When will Sonalika’s electric tractor be launched?

Sonalika’s electric tractor has been launched,

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