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Uttar Pradesh Self Help Group Registration 2024 — Ever since UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced to give the responsibility of maintenance of community toilets in all Gram Panchayats to the Self Help Group (SHG) members, people are becoming more worried about Self Help Group Registration.

Along with this, Chief Minister Adityanath also announced a salary of Rs 9000 per month to the groups working in community toilets in rural areas.

Friends, today in this post we will discuss what is Self Help Group? Swayam sahayata samuh list (SHG), what are the schemes in the group? How to create a new group? We are going to tell you about this in detail.

What is Self Help Group?

If you too have not been able to create your group yet. And if you want to create a new group then read this post till the end.

Self help group (SHG) means self-help group which is an educational group of about 10 to 20 women. In which all women have equal social and economic background.

All women individually keep saving a small part of their income as savings on a regular basis. Which they all use collectively as per need while taking decisions.

Self Help Group Uttar Pradesh

The government of Uttar Pradesh has formed more than 10 lakh self-help groups since 2017. Along with this, it is also providing employment to women through Prerna Canteen to make them self-reliant and for their livelihood.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath provided financial assistance of ₹ 15,000 as revolving fund to more than 40,000 self-help groups under the Mission Shakti Abhiyan.

Besides, the members of the group have also been given the responsibility for the maintenance of community toilets to be built in each gram panchayat. For this he will also be given an honorarium of ₹ 9000 per month.

What are the objectives of forming Self Help Groups by NRLM?

  • To provide temporary livelihood opportunities in rural areas so that their economic condition can be strengthened.
  • Establishing sustainable community-based organizations
  • To ensure financial services and economic services to poor families.
  • To make all the schemes run by the government available to the last person.

Why was there a need for self-help groups?

For a government to implement a scheme in mission mode, it needs to make the state governments autonomous, establish dedicated mission implementation architecture at the state, district and block level and put in place adequate complementary systems (viz., human resources, administration, finance). There is a need.

Thus, the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) needs to provide technical and professional assistance to the States for setting up the Mission Societies, implementation architecture and systems and guide them in implementation and monitor their progress.

Taking cognizance of this, at the national level, the Union Cabinet approved the establishment of National Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (NRLPS) in 2013.

NRLPS is envisaged as a compact, professional and multi-disciplinary body to provide comprehensive professional and technical support to the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) and State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLM) to smoothly carry out their objectives. Has been done

What are the schemes in the group?

Swayam Sahayata Samuh (SHG) has some popular schemes run by the Central Government and State Government –

  • Swavalamban Yojana
  • Saksham Yojana
  • mission shakti campaign
  • women awakening camp
  • Ujjwala Home Scheme
  • Mahtari Jatan Yojana
  • Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Girl Marriage Scheme
  • Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

Benefits of Self Help Group?

  • SSG helps in achieving self-employment in rural areas.
  • No need to visit banks to take loan
  • receipt of incentive amount from government
  • Helps in making small savings
  • Improvement in financial and economic condition of rural women
  • The benefit of financial grants is available from time to time from the Central Government and State Governments.

Rules of self help group

While making the rules of self-help group, the following things are kept in mind –

  1. For how long will the appointment of President, Secretary and Treasurer of the group last?
  2. When will the group meeting take place and where will it take place?
  3. What will be the amount of savings per member?
  4. How will the president of the group be elected each year?
  5. How will the interest on the loan taken be determined?
  6. What will be the penalty if the savings amount is not deposited on time?
  7. What will be the membership amount on making a new member?
  8. The age of members will be 18 to 55 years.
  9. All members of the group should be permanent residents of the same village.
  10. Only one member from a family can join the group
  11. At the time of meeting, the number of members should be two-thirds.
  12. If any member violates the rules or does not attend the meeting regularly, his membership will be terminated.

How to create a new group?

  • First of all, get the Aadhar card photocopy and one passport size photo of all the members.
  • Get the form to create a new group from your Gram Panchayat Officer
  • Select a name for the group.
  • Get yourself registered by filling the form properly along with attaching the documents.
  • Then open an account in the name of your group in your nearest bank branch with the registration form.
  • In which the account of the President, Vice President and Secretary will be opened jointly.
  • Now you can run your group smoothly.

What to Name The Women’s Group?

Before naming the group, discuss with all the group members and take their suggestions. Consensually choose a good name which sounds good like Maa Bhavani Self Help Group.

The name of the group should not be too long which may cause difficulty in pronouncing it. You can also keep any popular name as your group name.

The shorter the name of the group the better it will be like Saraswati Prerna Group, Maa Shakti Group

President in Self Help Group

To run every group smoothly, it is essential to have a president so that its operations continue undisputed.

All self-help group members can meet and unanimously elect a president of their group. Along with this, they also elect the vice-president and treasurer. If the president does not follow the rules of the group, he can be removed from the post of president.

The job of the chairperson is to conduct the group meetings and direct them to achieve the goals and evaluate the group’s activities.

What are the positions in a self-help group?

Swayam sahayata samuh SHG has 3 posts –

Each group has a president, a vice-president and a treasurer. And all the members of the group work as workers.

Self Help Group Register

  • Membership Register – The names and details of all the members are recorded. On becoming a new member, it is registered in the department’s register.
  • attendance register
  • proceedings book register
  • cash transaction related register
  • Member wise savings and loan register

How much Money do you get in the group?

Self-help groups in UP will get a grant of ₹ 9000 per month for the maintenance of community toilets built in Gram Panchayat by the government.

Along with this, women self-help groups also get bank loans without collateral. Apart from this, grants are given by the government from time to time in the form of financial assistance.

Self Help Group Registration UP

More than 10 lakh self-help groups have been registered in Uttar Pradesh. If you want to do group registration, then

  • Get self help group (SHG) form from your block
  • Get Aadhaar Card of all members
  • Obtain a passport size photograph of all members
  • Fill the form properly with the name of the group
  • And register yourself by depositing in the block
  • Open a joint account of the President, Vice President and Secretary in the name of the group in the nearest bank branch with the registration number.
  • In this way the registration of your self-help group will be done successfully.

How to see the list of self-help groups?

  • To see the list of Self Help Groups of your Gram Panchayat, click on – https://nrlm.gov.in/
  • Then click on Analytical Reports in REPORTS TAB
Uttar Pradesh Self Help Group Registration
  • Then click on Self Help Group (SHG)
Uttar Pradesh Self Help Group Registration
  • Now click on G1 : SHGs in NRLM Database
  • Then select your state, district, block and your gram panchayat.
  • Now choose your village
  • Now the complete list of self-help groups will open in front of you.

How to Become a Member of a self-help group-

If you want to become a member of a self-help group, contact your nearest self-help group. And register yourself as a member of the group by paying the membership fee.

You can become a member of any group in your village. Therefore, get yourself registered only in the registered group in your village.

Self Help Group Loan Information –

If a person in this group is working regularly and his bank account is for more than 6 months, then any bank can easily give him a loan.

RBI has issued an advisory stating that loans up to Rs 20 lakhs can be given to self-help groups at 12% interest rate without any margin. Earlier this amount was Rs 10 lakhs.

Employment in self-help group

  • Household industries like marmalade making, pickle making etc.
  • handloom industry
  • Industry of running canteen at block level
  • wooden utensils
  • sewing embroidery weaving jobs

Friends, I hope that I have given you detailed information about self-help group registration through this post. If you still need information about self-help groups or have any suggestions, please let us know through comments.

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FAQ’s Uttar Pradesh Self Help Group Registration 2024

How many groups can be formed in a village?

Countless groups can be formed in a village

Who can open a savings account under SHG?

The account of Swayam Sahayata Samuh is opened jointly by the President, Vice President and Treasurer in the name of the group.

Who takes decisions in Self Help Group?

The president takes the decision after consulting all the members of the self-help group.

How many members are there in a self-help group?

There can be 10 to 20 members in a self-help group.

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